Product Manager As a Career, Salary, Courses, Job Description

A Product manager is a Professional role that is responsible for the development of the product of the organisation. He is responsible for defining what, when and why the product is to be built by the engineering team keeping in mind the needs of the customers.

Product Manager’s Job Highlights

Degree Required Bachelors 
Degree Field Business or Related Field
Skills Required Communication, Technical know-how, How to deal with stress, Leadership, Analytical abilities, time management
Salary10-11 lac/annum

Product Management Courses

Course NameOffered By
Product Management CourseYourStory

Product Manager Education Qualifications

To be a Product Manager, one needs to have a bachelor's degree in business or related field, which is a basic requirement. Typical areas of study are communications, marketing, public relations, statistics, advertising and marketing. A person aspiring to be a product manager can also pursue masters in these fields or can also have certain certification. A person can also study IT, software, Agriculture etc, if he is aspiring to work with these companies as product manager.

Colleges in specific to Product Management in India:
Colleges Courses
Center For Technology Enabled Learning, Delhi MBA product management
Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore Executive MBA product Leadership
University of Technology, Jaipur MBA Product Management
CMR University, Bangalore Executive MBA Product Leadership
Besides these colleges, a person can also study, BBA or MBA in any field and can train on the job to be a product manager in future.

What type of skills are required for Product Management?

A product manager is required to do multiple tasks. He must have excellent leadership skills and communication skills. Besides this, he should also have organisational, time management, analytical, research and knowledge of technical know how. They should also know how to meet tight deadlines, handle stress and good decision making skills.
Other courses you can opt for Product Management
Apart from pursuing regular Bachelor and masters, you can also pursue several certification courses to enhance your skills to become a product manager. These courses are available online.
Some of these are:
  1. Brand and Product Manager Certification Course- Coursera
  2. Software Product Management by University of Alberta- Coursera
  3. The Certified Product Manager Credentials- AIPMM
  4. Product Manager Certification with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking- eDX

Product Manager Job Prospects

If we follow the hierarchy then on ground level it is associate product managers who are led by product managers, then above that there are group product managers, they will be led by vice president product managers or chief product managers.

Product Manager Salary Prospects:

Typically an associate product manager salary is around 7-9 lac/annum and for product manager it goes upto 10-11 lacs/annum.


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