CRM Executive as a career, Salary, Skills, Job Description

CRM Executive or Customer Relationship Management Executive is becoming popular these days. The responsibility of CRM Executive is to retain existing customers and increase brand loyalty and to expand the brand of the company. He is responsible for identifying the needs and problems of the customers and to help them with the same. He does so by offering customers ideas and insights to improve their experience with the product and the organisation.

CMR Executive’s Job Highlights

Degree Required


Degree Field

CRM, Marketing, PR 

Skills Required

Communication Skills, Influencing and convincing skills, Analytical and Problem-solving skills


Avg Rs. 2.5 – 4 lakhs per annum

CRM Executive’s Education Qualification

To be a CRM Executive, one should have a master’s degree in any of the following fields- CRM, Marketing, PR. For pursuing masters, earning a bachelors degree is a prerequisite. A bachelors degree can be done in any field.

Top Colleges

IIM Ahmedabad

IIT Delhi

XLRI- Jamshedpur

NMIMS Mumbai

IIT Kharagpur

IIM Bangalore

Symbiosis Centre for Research and Management, Pune

IIM Calcutta

What type of skills are required for CMR Executive?

The basic skill that a CRM Executive should have is excellent communication skills. He should have good listening skills and should be able to convince and negotiate with others. He should also have interpersonal skills and problem solving skills. Since he is supposed to communicate with clients and customers, he should also be patient and tactful. He is also supposed to have working knowledge of MS Office suite and time management skills.

Other courses you can opt for CRM Executive.

There are numerous certification courses that you can pursue to enhance your skills to be a CRM Executive.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (edX) - Visit here
  2. Customer Relationship Management in Business Services (alison) - Visit here
  3. Learn HubSpot CRM from Scratch (Udemy) - Visit here
  4. A Business Manager’s Complete Guide to SalesForce CRM (Udemy) – Visit here

Jobs related to CRM Executive

There are many careers that one expect after being a CRM Executive.

  1. Sales Manager
  2. Business Manger
  3. Business Development Manager
  4. CRM Specialist
  5. Relationship Manager


The average salary of a CRM Executive lies between Rs. 2.5-4 lakhs per annum. However with greater experience, one can expect a salary upto Rs. 10 lakhs or more per annum.


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