Content Manager As a Career, Job, Salary, Courses, Skills

A Content Manager is the person who is responsible for content over the website, He actually plans, creates, edits and publishes the content.
Content Managers depending upon their jobs some look strictly over the content and some look over the management sides.

 Content Managers Job Highlights

Degree Required Bachelors or Masters
Degree Field Computers, English, Management, Mass Communication, Journalism or Marketing
Skill Required  Management, SEO, Leadership, Content
Salary  INR 5-8 Lac (Annually)

Content Managers Educational Requirements

Bachelor's Degree in Computers, Management, English or Journalism is the minimum requirement. There are some Content Management System certificate programs for content managers through which biding content managers can acquire skill sets and certificate in CMS software management.

What Type of Skills are Required for Content Managers?

The major skill required for the content Managers is Leadership. Apart from that he must be aware of people's management, planning and SEO Knowledge. He must be aware of the latest google updates and other trends. Apart from that Content Marketing is a possible skill which is required to be a Content Manager.

Tools For Content Management
  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Console
  • Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
Social Media
  • Buffer App

Courses You can opt for Content Management

There are lots of courses available for Content Management over the web. You can find relevant courses from Udemy, EDX, Coursera and Linkedin learning.

We have specified some of them for you:

Digital Marketing Course from Google Digital Garage - There are several free certificate courses from google from which you can learn and enhance your digital skills. Check Here 

People Management from IIM Bangalore - You can get this course from edx for free. IIM Bangalore has designed a perfect course so that new managers can learn how to manage people as resources. Check Here

- Search Engine Optimization is the basic need of the content. Organic Traffic is a major thing on which various websites work. To learn things about SEO you can check out major websites, google webmasters guidelines and various courses over the net.

Social Media Marketing - Knowing about what is viral or the social media and what are current trends is one thing. How to make your content viral is another. Social Media Marketing courses will tell you what various aspects of social media users and engagement techniques.

Career Transition

A content manager is senior level position.  You could possibly become senior content manager which will further lead to product manager or Top level positions.

Content Managers Salary

At beginners level content manager can earn 5-6 lacs per annum. If he has an experience of over 2-3 years then this salary can go upto 8-10 lacs per annum.



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