Brand Manager as a career, Salary, Courses, Qualifications

The role of Brand Manager is to develop a brand strategy for the enterprise. Brand Manager oversees functions like branding, communication channels, product development, online and offline promotions, and market research. He is responsible for the overall image of the company or the product of the company.

Brand Manager’s Job Highlights

Degree Required Bachelors or Masters
Degree Field Business, Advertising or Marketing
Skills Required Brand Awareness, Analytical Skills, Creative Skills, Team Working skills, Marketing skills, Writing Skills, Communication skills
Salary Average 8-9 lakhs annually

Brand Manager’s Education Qualification

To be a Brand Manager, one must initially have a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as business, advertising or marketing or economics or engineering and then one can pursue a masters in business field or advertising or marketing field. Apart from education qualification, some companies also require prior work experience in the marketing field before hiring as Brand Manager.
Top Colleges
FMS, Delhi XLRI, Jamshedpur
MICA, Ahmedabad MDI, Gurgaon
IIM Calcutta SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
IIM Ahmedabad JBIMS, Mumbai
IIM Bangalore IIM Indore

What type of skills are required for Brand Manager?

A Brand Manager is supposed to have a variety of skills. He should be analytical in order to analyse sales, market research data, campaign performance etc, in order to establish the best strategy to improve performances. He should be creative to make his brand standout amongst competitors. He should be insightful and flexible in his approach. He should be aware of current trends. He should have strong communication and presentation skills. He should also know team and project management.

Why to choose Brand Manager as a Career

There is huge demand for such professionals in markets as every company wants to increase their sales. Focusing on planning and increasing demand is much needed quality. Various profiles from different sectors can apply for this role. They need to understand the terminologies, concepts and other aspects which can be done through courses provided by institutes and website.

Which Profile Person can Become a Brand Manager 

  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Persons
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Person
  • PR or media relation representatives

Other courses you can opt for Brand Manager.

One can also pursue various certification courses in Brand and Marketing management along with their bachelor and masters degree in order to enhance their skill sets. Some of theses courses are easily available online.
  1. Brand Management: Build Successful Long Lasting Brands- Udemy Find here
  2. Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour- Coursera Find here
  3. Advance Diploma in Brand Management- ISBM Find here
  4. Brand Management: Cornell Certificate Program- eCornell Find here
  5. Strategic Brand Management- edX Find here

Job Profiles related to Brand Manager

Junior Job Profiles
  1. Assistant Brand Manager: This is a junior position to Brand Manager. Here you work under Brand Manager and learn about branding strategies and aim at maximizing sales performance.
  2. Marketing Analyst: Here you will be required to assess the marketing campaigns and present a detailed report on the same related to their success to the relevant parties.
Senior Job Profiles
  1. Senior Brand Manager: This profile involves more of a strategic and leadership work. Here, one will be responsible for the work of Assistant Brand Manager and also for bringing any changes to the brand.
  2. Marketing Director: This profile is higher to Senior Brand Manager. Here, one is not only responsible for effectiveness of a particular brand but also for the overall marketing operations of the enterprise.

Salary of a Brand Manager

The average salary of a brand manager in India is Rs. 8-9 lakhs per annum. However with higher experience and job profiles, the annual salary may rise up to 30-35 lakhs per annum.

Top Recruiters for Brand Manager Role

There are many companies who recruit brand managers. Some of Them are Coca Cola, Pepsi, Amazon, Accenture, Loreal, etc.

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