Monday, May 11, 2020

Interview Questions For Content Writers

If you are planning to appear in a content writer interview, we have listed out the interview questions which an employer ask to budding content writers

Q. How will you make your content SEO Friendly?

Thought - In this question interviewer judges your knowledge for the SEO part. He will not expect you to have complete knowledge but basic understanding of seo and google algorithms is required. 

  • Keyword density - how many times a keyword is appearing in the article. Average density is 3%. 
  • Meta tags and keywords - This will help in search results. This is not a content part.
  • Headings - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5. Every heading has its own significance. 
  • Alt Text - Images must have alt text.
  • Url - URL should have major keyword. Small urls are majorly preferred. 
  • Linking - There are two type of links internal and external. Internal links means linking within website and external linking is your website have other website's link. 

Q. What are the major components of Good Content?

Thought - There are many aspects of good content. But there are some essential key components which every content writer must be aware of.

  • Relevance - How much the information written in the article is relevant for the user. Now google also included relevancy in core update.
  • User Engagement - User engagement is one of major key matrix of good content. If a user is engaging in any way like comments, share, lead form filling or other then this will help you to keep track of how you will update your article.
  • Originality - Google penalises plagiarised content. Therefore you must write the original tone only. 
  • Credibility - Using relevant source of information for creating article will always have good impact on the search results.

Q. How you will decide the next topic to write on?

Thought - Through this employer will judge you how will you strategize content 

Ans. By analysing user engagement or by doing keyword research. In this I can use Google results for associated keywords and google trends for new trends on which article can be written. 

Q. How do you ensure the credibility of content?

Thought - This checks your aptitude towards content writing.

Ans. I always check the relevant news websites and official websites before writing the article. 

Q. Are you familiar with any Content Management System?

Thought - Content Management System is the backend where you will be writing your article. Having previous knowledge about CMS will help you while writing the content. 

Ans. Yes I have worked on cms like wordpress, joomla or magento.

Q. How will you check Performance of your Content?

Thought- Through this employer wants to know about the analysis part.

Ans. This will be checked through the traffic coming on that page. Or social shares on Facebook and Twitter.  This can also be checked through ranking of article on google page search results. 

Q. How will you promote your content?

Thought - Through this your employer will check your efforts on sharing the content and outreaching it to audience.

Ans. I can share the article over social media. Also tell my friends to do the same thing. Also I will ask feedback from colleagues and friend over the article. 

Q. Difference between Blog and Article?
Ans. Article is written in some format issued by the company or by the orgainsation. it will include facts and figures. Blog represents informal way of writing in which your opinion matters.

Q. Which Books are your reading currently?

Thought - Content writers are avid readers also. In this question you have to tell about things like books or blogs you are reading currently.


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