Wednesday, May 6, 2020

11 Must Read Content Writing Tips for Beginners

If you are budding content writer and just have began your career as content writer then we have just few tips for you. This could help you in your everlasting career growth also. 

Basic Tips

  • Read and Read More - We know you have this question as content writer you have to write and write more. But if you are good reader, you can infuse more powerful thoughts as compared other writers.
  • Improve Networking - For this you can attend various seminars or workshops related to new trends. Also you can connect through social media and blogging meets also. This will help you to increase your relevance in market.
  • Keep Your Research Strong - If you are a digital content creator your googling power will sustain you for long. If you know what to research and what to include in your articles your major task will become easy. 
  • Social Branding - Being present on social media is becoming more useful now a days. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram gives your followers a perspective of your writing.     
  • Keep Evolving - Just don't write in single niche, try new kind of content like video creating or instruction creation. Be prepared for every kind of challenges in career.  

Content Tips

  • Write a Good Heading - User will be attracted through your heading. If your heading is not catchy then no matter how much your article is good reader will not come to your article.
  • First Paragraph - Second thing user see after the heading is first para or first two -three lines. This can be make or break situation for you. if you have provided relevant info in the beginning of article then user will read next information else he will just go back to google for searching again.
  • Using Tables and Images -  Using tables and images can save you in various situations. Using tables for data representation or using images and graphs adds value to your content as reader thinks you have provided some data to him. This is also a good SEO technique which various SEO Experts rely upon. 
  • Don't write passive sentences - passive sentences actually creates difficulty for user while reading. Active sentences are shorter and can be read easily. To check how much of passive sentences are there in your article you can use hemingwayapp. 

Pro Tips

  • Know HTML - Every content writer must be aware about HTML tags, at least basic ones. Why? You can be creating your own content on blogger or wordpress and you need to change designing or for basic editing where html knowledge is required. Then what will you do? Therefore for every content writer we must suggest to learn html language. 
  • SEO Knowledge - What are keywords? What will drive traffic to your article? Is or article good enough to rank on google. For this you have SEO knowledge. You can increase you knowledge through various sites like moz, search engine journal, etc. Also you can go for various courses for SEO writing. 


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